Mountain Vibe is a 3-day independent music festival featuring over 20 native Californian bands, community camping, and other relaxing adventures held in Wilseyville, California in Calaveras County, just over 2 hours east of the Bay Area. With group camping and bands playing just steps away, the event is a special summer treat.

What are your preparations for COVID 19?

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Where can i get tickets?

You can get tickets here. Tickets are good for three nights of camping and music at Blue Mountain Event Center, Wilseyville, Ca. 

    Can I bring my dog?

    Before coming please be aware that there are no dogs at this event, you will not be able to enter the event with a dog of any size.

    Is this a Kid friendly event?

    Yes! Kids 10 and under are free to enter the event at no cost.  In addition to the event property, Baby Shoe is a designated kids play area with volunteer staff.  Please note - Kids must be accompanied by parent or guardian at all times in Baby Shoe kids area.

    What days have music?

    Live music will be on Friday, and Saturday!

    What are the accommodations?

    Your ticket comes with camping at Blue Mountain Event Center for the event. Camping is shared and so expect to have some neighbors and meet some new friends. Camping is first come first serve, and RV spots are limited, so pick your ideal spot and set up camp! Also please, no dogs on the property.

    When can I get there?

    If you want to arrive Wednesday, there will be an extra $25 fee for early entry, and must be paired with a general admission ticket. 

    Where can I park?

    Parking is limited and located just before the will call booth.  There is no parking in the camping or event area, so you'll need park your car after setting up. You can drive up and drop off your things at the campsite before being directed to parking at designated parking lot.  The parking area is just a short walk from the event site, and you can come and go as you please. Carpooling is strongly encouraged.

    What will I eat?

    Blue mountain event Center has some great food, along with food trucks that will be in the vendor area. Within a short drive are a few small towns that surround the event location where you can grab extra ice & supplies if needed.

    What should I bring?

    Cash, sunblock, bathing suit, tent, sleeping bag, sandals and comfie shoes, beach towel, sun hat, flashlights and lanterns, cook stove if you want to cook your own meals at the camp, warm clothes for the evenings and the mornings it gets chilly. 

    Is there swimming?

    Yup. Surrounding the festival site is a creek where you can take a quick dip.  For deeper swimming and activities the river is just a short drive down the road.

    Will my cell phone work?

    Not really, coverage is spotty at best. Look forward to a screen-free weekend!!

    Where the hell is this place again?

    2 hours east of San Francisco up the 4. 7250 Mitchell Mill Rd, Wilseyville, CA 95257

    Check out our blog post to learn more about Blue Mountain!

    Help us promote respect and good vibes for all!

    • Fires are held in 2 designated zones only. All others are prohibited.

    • No Dogs

    • Absolutely no smoking in the bar/barn.

    • Parking in designated parking zones only.

    Because We Care

    • Drink plenty of water.

    • Remember sunscreen in the day and bug spray at night.

    • Do not leave children or pets unattended or in hot cars.

    • Carry and use a flashlight at night.

    • Avoid Solo OHV activities.

    • Most of all, HAVE FUN!!!