Things to know before coming to Mountain Vibe


Important info

Whether this is your first year or you are a returning Mountain Viber you are in for a treat this year! Please review the information below if you plan on attending. If you have any questions or need anything - Please contact us on IG messenger or at While at the event you can recognize us by our staff shirts, or badge, we are here to help! 

Please also review our FAQ

Blue Mountain Event Center

Due to extremely dry conditions along with guest safety concerns, wood burning fires will not be allowed in campsites. Propane fires are acceptable so long as a fire extinguisher is located within 10 feet of any open flame device. Propane fires are only permitted on gravel surfaces; no open flame devices of any kind are permitted on bark or grass surfaces. There will be a big bonfire for everyone to enjoy into the evening.


Tickets purchased online will not be physically sent in the mail.  All you need is an ID that matches the purchasers name on ticket order.  Confirmation # is also helpful but not mandatory.

Hard tickets bought from bands must be brought to entrance of event, and cannot be replaced, transferred or refunded. No exceptions.

Respecting nature, keeping it green and clean

We are an event that strives to preserve and protect natures beauty.  We need everyones help to keep our event clean and have a mindful approach to our waste management.

We ask all attendants to pack in & pack out!  This is extremely important to keeping our event sustainable and our beautiful meadow clean for years to come.

Important Info -

  • Once again, please plan to pack-in, and pack out your trash/recycling - this is MANDATORY.  Leave no trace.  We do not have the containers or facilities to manage everyones trash and recycling.
  • Please recycle!  Simply having separate bags for trash and recycling is the start to managing waste.
  • Broken tents, ripped sleeping bags, or clothing items must be taken with you.  Please do not leave your broken or unwanted camping equipment with us.

Drug use & safety

We do not condone or support drug use or unsafe activities at our event. As a family friendly event we strive to maintain a safe environment.  There is a zero tolerance policy covering the use of any devices such as nitrous canisters, fireworks, or any similar device. Violations of drug use and/or safety policies will result in immediate removal without refund, and may result in referral to local law enforcement.


  • Parent/guardian must accompany and be with child at all times.

Laws of the land

  • 5 mph speed limit enforced at all times
  • No drinking and driving
  • No dogs unless a service animal
  • Propane BBQ’s ONLY (no charcoal)
  • Service dogs must be leashed/supervised at all times
  • Parking/RV parking in designated parking zones only
  • RV dump station ON-SITE ONLY.  No off-site dumping.
  • No guns or fireworks

Because we care

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Have a pair of boots or close toed shoes
  • Remember sunscreen in the day and bug spray at night
  • Carry and use a flashlight at night
  • Avoid solo OHV activities
  • Always wear helmet and protective gear

What to bring

Here are mountain vibe specific things to bring -

  • Cash
  • Warm clothing
  • Swim suit
  • Bug spray
  • Closed toe shoes or boots
  • Water
  • Trash bags for recycling and waste
  • Flashlight or headlamps
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun hat or hat to protect from mountain sun
  • Cooler & ice
  • Musical instruments (jamming encouraged!)

Heres one of our favorite packing lists!

We cant wait to have you at this years event!