Robbs Resort - Crystal Basin, Ca

Exclusive Destination Resort & Venue

Robbs Resort is located high in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and surrounded by the beautiful Crystal Basin Recreation Area. Just 1 1/2 hours east of Sacramento, Robbs Resort is a unique opportunity for Mountain Vibe. We are so excited to share this beautiful property, free of dust and dirt up in the El Dorado National forest!
14216 Ice House Rd, Pollock Pines, CA 95726

The Meadow

The property is backdropped by a picturesque 10-acre meadow with majestic views of the Crystal Range, whose Pyramid Peak towers above the Desolation Wilderness Area and the valleys to the west, as well as Lake Tahoe to the east. The meadow will be mowed before the event leaving plenty of room for outdoor activities and games.

The Main Bar 

Near the stage there is a full stocked rustic bar that will be offering specialty Mountain Vibe drinks, and all kinds of other beverages at fair prices. The Lido Bar is a satellite outdoor bar that will also be offering the same selection and prices. Be sure to visit and grab a signature Mountain Vibe drink!

Nearby attractions

The Rubicon Trail

The Rubicon Trail is world famous for its challenging off-road experience traversing some of the most incredible scenery in the world…and it’s just down up the road!

Desolation Wilderness

The resort is just six miles away from the hiking trailhead to the Desolation Wilderness area, which alone encompasses over 117 miles of trails through some 70,000 acres of unspoiled “wilderness”. Over 100 lakes are also scattered throughout the area for ample fishing opportunities.

Union Valley Reservoir

Water skiing, wake boarding, and personal watercraft are welcome just one mile away at the Union Valley Reservoir. This 277,000 acre feet lake was formed in 1963 by the 453-foot Union Valley Dam on Silver Creek—a tributary of the American River. Although the lake is most popular for water sports and camping, it’s also filled with plenty of Mackinaw and Kokanee for local trout fisherman.

Loon Lake

Located just 7 miles from Robbs Resort at 6,500 feet in elevation and at the trailhead of the Rubicon, Loon Lake is very popular for its scenery as well as activities such as fishing, hiking, swimming and horseback riding. Loon Lake surely won’t disappoint…even if the fish aren’t biting that day.

Gerle Creek Reservoir

Located approximately 5 miles from Robbs Resort at 5,300 feet in elevation you will find Gerle Creek. This is a beautiful area known for its swimming, picnic areas, fishing, kayaking, hiking and biking.