They Went Ghost formerly known as "El Loma Prieta" from Vacaville California originated in 2009 when artist Kolby Stancil wrote his Grandmothers eulogy and transformed it into a song known as "Grandmas Song". Kolby linked up with Bassist Chad Perrault and Drummer Daniel Cagley to perform the piece, who at the time were in another Vacaville band called "Blood Letters Write". Shortly after in 2010, the trio decided to form a group branching off from "Blood Letters Write" and added a fourth member, Lead Guitarist Leland Vandermulen, to complete a truly talented Reggae/Rock style band.In 2012 the band added Bassist Joseph Sullivan from "Brace For the Unrest" and "Rhythm Kills" when former bassist Chad resigned to serve our country in the Army Reserves and raise his family. In 2013 They Went Ghost struck GOLD when Dan's (drummer) brother, who was also a founding member of the band Suffocate The Creep. Agreed to take over at rhythm guitar.



The members of "They Went Ghost" all come from different types of music backgrounds ranging from many different genres of music. Their artistic combination of Rock and Reggae opens ears to melodies and lyrics that tell real life stories that the band has experienced. Kolby's ability to write a song just by explaining situations whether its Love, Hate, Life or Death is extraordinary. Inspired by Incubus, Minus the Bear, and a variety of other genres, "They Went Ghost" is a new upcoming band with over 10 years of experience in the Northern California music scene, standing out from ordinary rock bands by blending two different styles of music and putting on an energetic live performance.