Coming out of the Pacific Northwest, the Resinators are proud to now be residing in San Diego, California, since September 2018. A three-piece powerhouse that offers a unique take on California Rock-Reggae with an eclectic yet cohesive sound, the Resinators’ professionalism and incredible live performances have earned them a strong following up and down the West coast. While rapidly establishing themselves within the SoCal reggae scene, brothers Kyle and Kevin Cameron and long-time friend Broc Sanders still find time to tour the States and continue to put out new music. Their latest single “Livin’ With Lions” released April 20th of this year perfectly encapsulates their unique sound, awakening nostalgic memories of old-school dirty punk reggae alongside a new, invigorating spunk that leaves listeners wanting more. 

It has been the Resinators’ pleasure to share the stage with other Rock/Reggae favorites including New Kingston, Sol Seed, SensaMotion, Mike Pinto, and Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds — just to name a few.

Motivated by an endless desire to create, perform, and grow as artists, The Resinators’s ultimate hope is to continue to travel, play shows, and hear their sound resonate around the world!