Sprouting on 4-20-99 in Concord, California, Planting Seeds started as a shared idea between two friends which has flourished into a full grown tree with reaching branches and deep roots. The Seeds have been collectively playing together for the past twelve years. Troy Hazleton (Guitar & Vocals), Chris Rivera (Guitar & Vocals), Josh Gill (Bass), Rob Deikman (Drums), and Seth Hall (saxophone) have put together a sound that will appeal to any and all generations. Being in local SF East Bay bands such as PERMAGRIN (Troy & Chris), & countless other line-ups, have given Planting Seeds a grasp on the music "Scene" that few today have.

With members that play everything from Flamenco, to Metal, to Covers gives PLANTING SEEDS the versatility that it takes to keep a crowd entertained for hours on end, and while having past members that have played in world-wide touring acts such as 40 GRIT (Mike) gives Planting Seeds the professional know how that it takes to make it in this business and still remain true to the music. The up lifting reggae riff is very apparent in many of Planting Seeds songs but thoughtful lyrics and spine tingling harmonies throw Planting Seeds into a league of their own. You never know where they will go next, it could be a soft melodic love song or a high energy hip hop tune to a down right metal anthem that will whip any one into an all out frenzy. No matter what type of music you may prefer there is something for everyone at a Planting Seeds show.

Working with a vast variety of people in the San Francisco music industry has lead the Seeds in all types of different directions. Such as opportunities to play with such diverse acts as Norton Buffalo (Steve Miller Band), Ky-Mani Marley (Bob Marley's son), 2Live Crew, Slightly Stoopid, Long Beach Short Bus, Pepper, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Ronnie Montrose, Tone Loc, Digital Underground, and King of the funky drums, Zigaboo Modeliste (The Original Meters).