Miki & Robbie

Miki Rae. Yes that's me. I am a singer-songwriter and I can honestly say that music has become who I am- mind, heart and soul. My goal for my songwriting is to make it relatable and enjoyable for anyone and everyone. I aspire to touch others through the lyrics in my songs. I also want to inspire others by making a difference in this crazy world we live in. I don't want to be another ordinary face in the crowd. I strive to become a memory that sticks and stays forever inside the minds of everyone.

I want my music to mean something to others, for I cut myself open and bleed into each and every one of my songs; with all of my feelings and emotions. My lyrics consist of the many feelings of love, the troubles of the youth, and the idea of hope. One could call me a folk-pop, indie-rock, or an alternative pop musician. My music varies from being emotionally uplifting to being fresh and youthful I will use perserverence to achieve my goal of spending my life writing and playing music.