We are incredibly excited to announce our official new band- J Ras & The Higher Elevation!! The Higher Elevation band consists of J Ras on vocals, keys, and melodica, Chris Chadbourne aka Chazzy Chazz on guitar, Scott Lee aka DJ SLee on drums and DJ, Nick Harksen from the band Two Peace on keys and vocals, Jacob Hahn aka Jaboc also from Two Peace on bass, and of course Trevor Hollingsworth aka T Wrecks on saxophone, flute, and backup vocals. This group of talented musicians from the hills of Northern California have joined forces to put together a highly entertaining and energetic stage show that has captivated audiences at recent festivals in California including Dry Diggings and Thunder Vibes, and on the road at shows and festivals in Utah, Idaho, and more! If you’ve caught the live show than you know what the excitement is all about, and if you haven’t than make sure to get out and see them the next chance you get!